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DRI Sleeper

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

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The DRI Sleeper Eclipse is a premium wireless bedwetting alarm for children or teenagers.

The Eclipse bedwetting sensor is completely sealed and waterproof so it can be inserted into diapers, pads or between two pairs of underwear. The sensor is made of conductive plastic, so it is safe and easy to clean. The sensor sends a short safe signal to the alarm base without the need for an extra uncomfortable transmitter.

Place the alarm base on bedside furniture, out of arm's reach, so the child has to get up to turn it off. The loud alarm sounds at the ideal frequency to wake deep sleepers or their parents if help waking is needed.

Key features of the DRI Sleeper Eclipse

  • Wireless Sensor - no clips to break or cords to tangle in.
  • Large detection area compared to clip-on sensors
  • Fast detection compared to bedwetting mats
  • Loud alarm - set at a volume and frequency ideal for waking deep sleepers
  • Parents alarm - Can be connected with an additional alarm for the parent's room up to 12M(40ft) away
  • Long battery life – the Eclipse batteries last for a minimum of the typical treatment period which is up to 12 weeks
  • Warranty - 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Instructions come in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • EU Standards Compliant CE Mark
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Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Christine C. (Bournemouth, GB)
Worked really well

Our 7yo daughter is now successfully dry at night, after using the sensor after a couple of weeks. It’s worked much better compared to a previous model where the sensor was connected to the alarm - my daughter kept removing it in her sleep. The remote alarm meant she had to get up and out of bed to turn it off.
There was a slight issue with it as at one stage it didn’t seem to alarm, but the support team were very quick to respond and I think it was an error on my part - worked perfectly afterwards

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted!

Mr 8 thinks this is great!

This has been a game changer for our little guy after having a big regression at 5 years old. Nothing had seemed to work until we tried the DRI Sleeper Eclipse alarm. It’s been awesome to see our son take ownership and feel so proud of himself as he hit targets. The chart we downloaded off the website was great too as he could see his progress visually. After 6 weeks we now have a Dri-sleeper and a much more well rested Mum & Dad!! Thanks for a wonderful product.

Andrew W. (Melbourne, AU)
The best

This unit works thank you so much. My son now has dry nights.

Anonymous (Auckland, NZ)
A work in progress

My 7yr old son just suddenly starting wetting the bed in January after being dry since he left nappies at 2yrs, which was a shock to say the least. After a few weeks of hoping it would improve and trying various things including seeing the doctor, in desperation I called dri-sleeper and ordered the alarm. We had a few problems with forgetting to switch it on or my son turning it off and going back to sleep only to wake up wet but once we worked these small things out, things have started to improve. Of the last 10 nights, he has slept through 9 nights and been totally dry and the other night he woke with the alarm with the smallest amount of wetness in his undies so we are on the way to the 14 nights target. He is desperate to not use it anymore. It has made a whole lot of difference to all of us as we haven't had the waking up in the middle of night, stripping the bed, showers and then trying to get settled back into bed which we were having every single night for months. It is easy to use and we are optimistic that soon he won't need it anymore.

Well done to you all! That is solid improvement. Stick with it and please reach out if any guidance is needed.

Aine (Navan, IE)

My little girl (7) who has always been a deep sleeper no matter what we have tried over the years has never woke up dry until now!! We kept the pull up on with the alarm , the first 2 nights she woke up turned off the alarm but didn’t make it to the bathroom on time, the following 4/5 nights she woke to the alarm to only the tiniest bit of urine in pull up and managed to make it to the toilet . She spent the next 14 days either waking by herself to go to the toilet or sleeping through the whole night dry ! Now a month on we actually can’t believe how quick it worked. Finally, the confidence booster she needed for herself especially since her younger sister had been dry at night since been potty trained . It was really dragging her down she’s is just delighted with herself . We’re just sorry we spent so long debating whether to buy the alarm but definitely worth every penny. I’m so happy for her and grateful to Dri sleepers 💖

Warning Symbol

Button/Coin-type batteries are hazardous if swallowed. Read our battery safety guide.

  • Clinically Proven

    DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarms have up to a 90% success rate according to feedback.

  • Dedicated DRI Sleeper Support

    With over 30 years experience helping children overcome their bedwetting, our DRI Sleeper team are there to help assist with your child's success and answer any questions achieve dry nights and answer any of your questions.

  • 6-12 Week Treatment Time

    Typically, your child will achieve dry nights in 6-12 weeks using the DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarm. Plus, we're here to help through the whole process.

  • Kind to Skin

    Made of conductive plastic, DRI Sleeper Urosensors are gentle to even the most sensitive skin.