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About Bedwetting Alarms United Kingdom

Pharmawide Sales was established in 1984 and has been an Australian distributor for DRI Sleeper bed wetting alarms for over 30 years. This brand has now been expanded to include the United Kingdom, where we have local UK based shipping and returns facilities. 

Our experience means that we can offer the best possible advice on bed wetting to suit your needs. We offer unparalleled support and advice for parents treating bedwetting. We have supported many parents on their mission to stop their child's bedwetting. For advice or support simply call Karen on 07418353100.

DRI Sleeper is the world's leading brand of bed wetting alarms and undoubtedly the market leader. These high-quality alarms are made in New Zealand. Anzacare designs and manufactures medical sensors and alarms for the detection of body fluids using patented, conductive plastic technology.

Buy with confidence, knowing all DRI Sleeper bed wetting alarms are backed by a consumer guarantee and experienced support.