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Read through the great reviews we have gathered over the years of selling and supporting bed wetting alarms for children. If you have any questions just get in contact and we can help with your unique situation. 

After trying other alarms, incentives, tablets, limiting drinks, you name it & we’ve tried it, we were ready to throw in the towel when I found this product through a Google search.   After 1 week things began improving for our 11 year old boy.  After 5 weeks we stopped using night pants & his whole world changed.  He is now a confident young man who enjoyed his first ever sleep over at a friend’s house last week.  We haven’t had any accidents since week 3 and stopped using the alarm after 6 weeks.  He now has a cup of tea with our evening meal & sleeps all night long.   I can highly recommend this product and have been sharing his story with other parents who have shared their stories with me.  Thank you so much – it’s been so easy to use and absolutely changed our lives.
- Kathy -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse
Hello, I wouldn’t often leave feedback for items purchased, but this bed wetting alarm deserves it! We have had great success with my 6 year old girl. She’s been dry for about 2 weeks now... record!! Highly recommend this simple easy to use product! Thank you!!
- Lara Phillips
The alarm worked really well for my 9 year old, I put it in the nappy to reduce anxiety and it worked in 3 weeks from getting the alarm. Very very happy with this alarm. The cordless feature made it feel seamless and the alarm worked in the next room very well. 5 stars ??.
- Tali
We can not recommend the Dri Sleeper Excel alarm enough! I found it through google and thought it was worth a shot. We had nothing to lose. Our 6 year old son is such a deep sleeper and was wetting the bed every single night. I was washing every single day. He did not want to wear pull ups anymo
- We are so happy!
We are thrilled that we have had success with the alarm after 6-8 weeks. Our son is aged 6 turning 7 and has always been a heavy sleeper. The last three weeks he has been able to hold all night without any need to go to the toilet overnight and we haven’t needed to restrict his fluids at night eithe
- Carol
The alarm has been a huge success. We purchased the DRI Sleeper Eclipse for our 5 year old, who was wetting the bed every night. We saw an instant improvement, and after 2.5 weeks she wasn’t wetting at all. We stopped using the alarm three weeks ago and she is still dry every night. This is all desp
- DRI Sleeper Eclipse
After only 3 weeks of using the bed wetting alarm, my 6 year old son is completely dry! I am astonished at how amazing the results are and just wish I’d discovered the alarm sooner! I was cynical when I made the purchase but now will be recommending it to everyone I know! Thank you so much, such a f
- bed wetting alarm
Yes it has definitely made the difference for my 7 y/o - I wish we had tried it sooner, as it did help to ‘join the dots’ in his brain/body. We tried it for two weeks then stopped, and after a few more weeks of wet/dry he has now been fully dry for two weeks. So it definitely kickstarted the process
- Janet
My son was about a month off turning 6 when I purchased this alarm. He had NEVER had a dry night. He was beginning to get embarrassed about wearing his pull ups, but due to wetting every night we felt he had no other choice. We discussed purchasing this alarm with him to make sure he was on board and understood the process. Of course he was very keen, so we decided to stop using the pull ups while we waited for delivery. Not surprisingly, he continued to wet every night, sometimes 2 or 3 times. Delivery came, we used the tips to practice each night when settling into bed since we knew he was a deep sleeper. He continued to wet every night, but we were not discouraged and praised his efforts. We also introduced positive affirmations after our practices in our bedtime routine. This pattern continued but by week 4 there was significant changes. Low and behold we had a dry night! It was like something just clicked for him. He also began to wake during the night to take himself to the toilet. We now have one very proud 6 year old who has decided he doesn't need to wear his sensor anymore and has gained confidence in himself. My only regret is not trying this sooner. THANK YOU!
- Natalie Stucci
This product was UNBELIEVABLE!! We have been on medication, seen a multiple doctors and a pedeatrician many times. The first 2 weeks was rough! It was like having a new born baby again!! We chose to insert the alarm in a sanitary pad. The confidence my son gained by not wearing a pull up anym
- Renae Wayman
The bed wetting alarm was brilliant!! My 10 year old has now had three weeks of dry nights! Amazing!! Wish we had done it sooner.
- The bed wetting alarm was brilliant!!
Hi there, We bought the bed wetting alarm for our four year old daughter. She was starting to get very anxious around bed time and getting her to bed was a struggle to say the least; we knew this anxiety stemmed from her bed wetting. We couldn’t believe how quickly she adjusted to the alarm, the first 4 nights were tough. She’s still little and the night waking was hard on her but she hasn’t had a wet bed in 5 weeks and some of that time we have spent travelling. Couldn’t be happier and she’s going to bed a little easier. Fantastic device!! Thank you Krystle and Toby
- Krystle DRI Sleeper Eclipse Bed Wetting Alarm Review
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The theory seemed to work but the device stopped working after week #2; the alarm automatically sounds as soon as I plug the sensor in (and it’s completely dry). Incredibly cheap technology at a premium price. Don’t waste your money.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Christine C. (Bournemouth, GB)
Worked really well

Our 7yo daughter is now successfully dry at night, after using the sensor after a couple of weeks. It’s worked much better compared to a previous model where the sensor was connected to the alarm - my daughter kept removing it in her sleep. The remote alarm meant she had to get up and out of bed to turn it off.
There was a slight issue with it as at one stage it didn’t seem to alarm, but the support team were very quick to respond and I think it was an error on my part - worked perfectly afterwards

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted!

It's okay my child is still having accidents the alarm really only works if he wets the bed so I'm trying to find a better solution

Mr 8 thinks this is great!

This has been a game changer for our little guy after having a big regression at 5 years old. Nothing had seemed to work until we tried the DRI Sleeper Eclipse alarm. It’s been awesome to see our son take ownership and feel so proud of himself as he hit targets. The chart we downloaded off the website was great too as he could see his progress visually. After 6 weeks we now have a Dri-sleeper and a much more well rested Mum & Dad!! Thanks for a wonderful product.

The best

This unit works thank you so much. My son now has dry nights.

A work in progress

My 7yr old son just suddenly starting wetting the bed in January after being dry since he left nappies at 2yrs, which was a shock to say the least. After a few weeks of hoping it would improve and trying various things including seeing the doctor, in desperation I called dri-sleeper and ordered the alarm. We had a few problems with forgetting to switch it on or my son turning it off and going back to sleep only to wake up wet but once we worked these small things out, things have started to improve. Of the last 10 nights, he has slept through 9 nights and been totally dry and the other night he woke with the alarm with the smallest amount of wetness in his undies so we are on the way to the 14 nights target. He is desperate to not use it anymore. It has made a whole lot of difference to all of us as we haven't had the waking up in the middle of night, stripping the bed, showers and then trying to get settled back into bed which we were having every single night for months. It is easy to use and we are optimistic that soon he won't need it anymore.

Well done to you all! That is solid improvement. Stick with it and please reach out if any guidance is needed.


My little girl (7) who has always been a deep sleeper no matter what we have tried over the years has never woke up dry until now!! We kept the pull up on with the alarm , the first 2 nights she woke up turned off the alarm but didn’t make it to the bathroom on time, the following 4/5 nights she woke to the alarm to only the tiniest bit of urine in pull up and managed to make it to the toilet . She spent the next 14 days either waking by herself to go to the toilet or sleeping through the whole night dry ! Now a month on we actually can’t believe how quick it worked. Finally, the confidence booster she needed for herself especially since her younger sister had been dry at night since been potty trained . It was really dragging her down she’s is just delighted with herself . We’re just sorry we spent so long debating whether to buy the alarm but definitely worth every penny. I’m so happy for her and grateful to Dri sleepers 💖

It truly works!

We’ve been using the alarm for 5 weeks now and my son has been dry every night for 2 weeks! In the first week the alarm woke him to go to the bathroom and all that was required was an underwear change. No changing of bed sheets!! Now he’s waking up on his own to go to the toilet and most nights not going at all! Highly recommend!

Great results

It helped instantly with my son using the toilets at night, few accidents here and there but after 3 weeks he was dry!! What a win after 7 years. He has been dry for over 2 weeks and I still can’t believe this.


We are week 3 into our training and are making great progress. Our solid sleeper (6) moved from the alarm going off 3 times a night with a full wet pull up to the alarm going off but making it to the toilet and now in week 3 we have so far had 5 nights with no beeps and completey dry pull ups! She is so happy with her progress chart!

Good progress is being made! All the best for reaching 14 dry nights.

Great tool for helping our daughter have dry nights

This was just the thing we needed to get our daughter having dry nights. It didn’t take too long to get it sorted and now we are nappy free!

So far it’s been 2 weeks and my 6 year old son has had 4 complete dry nights with 2 of these being in a row. Very easy for him to use, hopefully he’ll achieve 14 days soon. Such a good boost for his self esteem.

Worked a treat

Worked on my 9 yr old daughter after 2 weeks.

Not so good for deep sleepers

The product works as it should but it doesn't wake my daughter up as she's too deep of a sleeper (she has no recollection of me getting her out of bed, sitting her on the toilet or changingher pjs). I'm sure it would be more successful with kids who wake up

Don't worry! Many kids are deep sleepers and results can still be achieved by implementing several strategies to help her. I will email you the details. If you would like to know more, we have a good blog post on this subject here: https://dri-sleeper.com/sleepinertia

It really works. Wish I had invested earlier.

We have found this product very good and would definitely recommend. Very simple to use and very very effective. My son is 10 and is now dry at night after nearly wetting every night prior to use of this alarm. We have no complaints whatsoever, only praise. We found the simplest way to use is with two pairs pants and the sensor wrapped in tissue in the middle. Thank you so much.

Very happy with my little ones progress

Order it now!

I wish I hadn’t waited so long.


My 8 year old had never had a dry night. She is a deep sleeper and a kid who loves her sleep. She had 2 dry nights within the first week of using the Dri Sleeper Eclipse and hasn’t looked back. The device is so simple to use and she took control of it herself. I wish we had done it earlier!

Problem solved in less than two weeks

Worked exactly as described. My 6 year old had never had a dry night and within 10 days was dry and no longer needing the alarm. We had tried many other methods of trying to train him but he just wasn’t waking up in the night. Absolutely solved the problem for us. Highly recommended.

Well done Mr 6! All the best for the future.

Great product !

Great product and the service is even better!
Can’t go wrong with these guys.

Absolutely brilliant

After only 4 nights of the alarm going off in the night, our 7 year old was able to wake up on his own and go to the toilet in the night, 2 weeks later he was dry all night and we ditched the pull ups. Wish we’d tried this alarm sooner. Couldn’t believe it worked.

Life changing

My daughter struggled with bedwetting for many years. We thought this would eventually settle, but she is 9 years old and the bedwetting started to be an issue for her, particularly when going on residential school trips. I contacted local NHS helpline who recommended ERIC website where I came across a range of bedwetting alarms. I ordered the wireless one to avoid any discomfort from cables and hoped my daughter would be keen to give it a go. Initially I put the sensor in the nappy pants, this was a bit of a hit and miss, the nappy was too absorbent and the sensor did not always detect the bedwetting. Then I decided to place the sensor between 2 cotton knickers which worked very well. The sensor is very sensitive and sometimes picks up kids' sweat, this is understandable if the girls are wearing 2 knickers and long pyjamas, so lightweight summer pyjamas worked better. After a few weeks, there were no accidents, despite being a deep sleeper she managed to get up in the middle of the night and go to toilet without help of the alarm. The alarm focused her mind and she learnt to recognise the signals from her bladder. Amazing, such a relief. We celebrated the New Year 2024 by removing the alarm completely and she is going strong!

DRl sleeper Rclipse wireless bed wetting Alarm

Excellent product easy to use and very easy to use.

Problem Solved!

I was shocked how quickly this worked. I should have bought one for my son years ago! I wish it had a volume setting but other than that it solved the problem quickly and my son now wakes himself without any help to use the bathroom at overnight

We are really pleased that Eclipse helped solve your son's bedwetting problem so quickly. There is a volume control in the battery compartment if needed.